Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Adventure!

I love taking adventures!  Seriously.  It is interesting because I also love to stay home and enjoy being around people I love.  Adventures are things that can come in any shape and size, and, if you let them, adventures can change the way you view something.  The best way to have an adventure is to find a partner, pack your bags, bring a camera and music, and off you go!  

Josh and I are always having adventures.  I think that is a big part of our lives and our lives together.  We are always doing something, going somewhere, planning something crazy.  Our lives are by no means boring. We are by no means boring. There is never a dull second and while sometimes I wish I had an opportunity to catch my breath, I never take any little adventure for granted.  Then again, I am an old soul. I live life realizing that these moments will one day be memories, and I want these memories to not only be good, but to be great!  When I look back at pictures, I want to know that I really lived.  I experienced every moment that came my way, and I took every chance I could afford.  Josh and I live life by the horns and we travel anytime we have the opportunity.

Joshua and I just got back from our own little adventure.  We went to Florida with my family!!  This is an adventure that cannot be described in a blog post - not really.  We travelled to the zoo in Melbourne, and got to feed giraffes, kayak through exhibits, and feed lorikeets.  Then we travelled to Walt Disney World, where we encountered many different culture and experiences.  I have tons of pictures!  After spending four days at Disney and six in Orlando, we ventured north to St. Augustine, and played in the lighthouse.

Josh and I can be hard to handle.  Not that we are difficult people but that we are very exuberant.  We spend a lot of time and energy being us.  We don't change, and unfortunately for some, we don't tone down our excitement.  The benefit?  We are always on our own adventure, and it is a roller coaster.  We will have times when we are in an opinionated mood, and we debate hard.  We will also have times when we are like little children, and we play hard.  We spent a lot of time in Florida in the latter state of mind.  We played!  From the moment we arrived, we played in the pool, played in the park, and ultimately lived our vacation to its fullest!

All in all, an adventure with us is just that: an adventure!  Life is not dull, and time spent lazily around a house or pool is not without its excitement.  We excite each other, and that is how an adventure starts.  When people set off with the mindset to do something he or she has never encountered and to make it a positive experience.  While I don't think Disney was Josh's first vacation choice, it certainly was a fun one at the end of the week.  We were exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time.  While we fall back into the swing of things, we are excited to know that this wasn't just a blimp on our radar: This was a set of magical memories that will last our lifetime, and, if we tell the stories right, the lifetime of our children and grandchildren.  Adventures don't end, only begin again each time they are retold!

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