Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Hello friends!

Last week, I posted ten things that I was excited about/wanted to discuss.  As I was doing last week's post I was like, I can totally find ten this to blog about every week!!!  When I sat down at my computer this week I was like, no, no I can't.  So today we are going to do a Tuesday five???  I think we will call it Tuesday Win!

1.  This is a half win.  I am super excited about school starting tomorrow/super bummed summer is over.  Where did the time go?? :'(

2.  I am currently cleaning my apartment so that I can do a tour for you.  After all, that is what friends do, right?

3.  I finally finished some "Football Season" decorating in my apartment!!  Here is a glimpse of NCSU Football!  More to come!

4.  I am super pumped about getting my gym on this week!  I am hoping that by the time my engagement pictures roll around, I will already be slimming down. (Side Note: I am so proud to say that my fiance reads my blog!!  YAY!  Last week when he read my #tbt post, he commented on how "sexy" I looked in my black sweater picture...that is now my new goal!!  lol)

5.  And finally...I am having craft night tonight with my friend Tori which I am super excited about (I have a craft up my sleeve) and Thursday night, B and I are watching my FAVORITE MOVIE...pause for effect...Ever After!!  Love, love, love!!

What are some of your Tuesday wins?  Like I said, let me know!


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