Thursday, November 6, 2014

The Great Christmas Exchange 2014

Hello friends!

I hope everyone is having a great week!  First note: I need to take more pictures of thing this year because as I dig through my archive of snapshots, I realize I have nothing!  Not cool.  Anyway. Remember how earlier this week I was like, "I want to be excited about the holidays?"  Well I might have just found a way!

One of the blogs I read all the time, Oak & Oats, is participating in something call "The Great Christmas Exchange," and immediately, I was intrigued.  I absolutely LOVE receiving little treats in the mail, but I also love buying people gifts!  I think that is why I really love Christmas!  You can read more details about "The Great Christmas Exchange 2014" here, but here is what I know!

What it is:  
The Great Christmas Exchange is a gift exchange by people all over the country (and possibly the world), and the opportunity to make/stalk a new friend.  You sign up before November 12, and then the bloggers in charge send you the name of your person.  It is basically like an internet friendly "Secret Santa."  Once you receive the name of your person, you try to find out as much information as you can about them without letting them know!  Then you mail your gift for them by December 10, and you should receive yours around Christmas!  Excitement!

Who can participate:
Everyone!  Bloggers and non-bloggers alike!  That is the cool part!  You could be making a new friend in another country, or three streets down from you!  The possibilities are endless!!

How much:
There is a $20 shopping limit.  You can be overly generous and go a little over, but you can't expect someone else to go over $20.  You still need to pay a little extra for shipping, but I think it will be worth it!!  

How to sign up:
You can sign up here!  Once you create your own profile, you can link up your Facebook or blog to make it easy to be stalked!  

This is something that I am really excited about!  I think it is going to be fun!  I already love gift swaps, so I will keep you all posted, but shhh!  No names or items until after Christmas!!

Are you doing a gift swap this year for Christmas?  Is this something you would like to do?
Like I said, let me know!


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