Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Reflection: Part One

Hello friends!

Sorry about the delay again in posting.  Sometimes you just get so wrapped up in life that you forget to sit down and write it out!  Also, I have thoroughly enjoyed being lazy the last couple of days!  My Christmas celebration started on December 21, at my Maw Maw's house for some family time!  Then our annual Christmas Eve Lovefeast that I mentioned here on, you guessed it, Christmas Eve!  Then Christmas Day, and on December 26, my family decorated our annual Night Tree for all the animals! It has been a busy year, full of excitement and joy!  I have been trying to keep everything straight, but there have been a lot of big changes, so today I am posting a reflection!  Or at least the first part of 2014 (because it was a long year)!

In January, I started the year engaged to my best friend!!

You can read about our engagement here!  This meant a whole new assortment of things to do, such as bridal shows, venue shopping, vendor shopping, and engagement photos!  You can read about some of that here!

Also in January, Joshua and I got to play in a few big snowfalls in Raleigh!  You can read about some of them here!

I also pledged to read 25 books as part of my 2014 Goodreads Book Challenge!

In February, Joshua and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary!

Officially started dating February 18, 2012!  This year for our anniversary, we escaped the weekend before and went to Wilmington!  

February also saw a lot of snow!  

In March, I traveled to Sacramento, CA to visit with family!

Yep!  I flew out there and visited my family!  We had a blast, and I cannot wait to get a chance to visit them again!  This time, I swore up and down I will convince Joshua to go with me!

In March, I also traveled to Reno, NV for a concrete convention!

I did this last year, only last year's event was in Phoenix, AZ.  You can read about it here!  Reno was an interesting experience because I wasn't happy in the major I was studying, I didn't like the professor who led the trip, and I totally tore my MCL when I attempted to ski for the first time.  Not feeling Reno, but all in all, it was an adventure!

Also in March, St. Patrick's Day happened, and I got to decorate!  Y'all know how I love to decorate! You can see what I did here!

April totally just happened!  No pictures or details of anything exciting!

Haha!!  Whoops!

In May, I finished final exams!

This was exciting because this also marked the official changing of my major and my career path!  I switched out of Construction Engineering and Management, and I switched to Agricultural and Environmental Technology!  I switched from a life I hated to a life I absolutely love!  One of the highlights of 2014!

Also in May, one of my best friends and beautiful bridesmaids moved away from Raleigh with her boyfriend, and it completely changed my life in Raleigh!  Even though I miss her terribly, she is one of the main reasons I work so hard to keep this blog going!  She blogs about her life and I blog about mine!  It is almost like a coffee date!

That is why in June, I officially joined the Blogger community!

My very first post was about who I am and all the things I love!  You can read it here!  

Also in June, I found and booked mine and Joshua's wedding venue!  It is beautiful!  

Joshua and I ended June with a visit to the Brevard Zoo in Florida, and a week at Disney over July 4th!

This was an adventure and I was super thrilled to share it with Joshua!  I am pretty sure this is another 2014 highlight of ours!  You can read all about this adventure here!

Joshua and I did so much in 2014, it is hard to fit it all into one post!  So look back tomorrow, and I will have the rest of the year mapped out for you!!  Hopefully 2015 will be just as exciting as 2014, and hopefully you are enjoying looking back as much as Joshua and I are!

What are some of your favorite 2014 adventures???
Like I said, let me know!!


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