Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Snapshot

Hello Friends!

I meant to post this Monday, but I got a little swamped, really quickly!  I would eventually like to make this a link up and co-host it with several of my blogging friends!  I think it would be fun, and I have had a lot of interest!  We will have to see!  

Weekend Snapshots

1: Cupcakes
Friday, my friend Jessica and I went to Sugarland in Cameron Village.  Jessica recommended it, and all I saw was cupcakes, so I totally agreed.  We picked out these beautiful cupcakes, but guys, they looked better than they tasted.  I really wasn't in love with them, especially considering the price tag that came with them.  My two cupcakes cost me about $7.50, which I thought was really high, and then the cupcakes were actually dry.  Slightly disappointed, but I might give them another try before quitting Sugarland entirely.  Maybe they had an off day??

2: Wedding Registry
Saturday, Joshua and I officially registered for our wedding!!!  We went to Bed Bath & Beyond, and we really enjoyed it!  We didn't look so much at price tags though, so the beautiful Kate Spade plates you see, actually cost about $140 a set.  I don't think we will get many of those, but we had a good time picking out the styles/colors we want for our house once we get married.  This was a really good opportunity to think about the future as well.  One of the things Joshua and I had not considered was that our house will probably have more than one bedroom and bathroom.  I have lived the apartment life for so long now, I forget that houses have more than one bedroom, one bath and one common area!  I totally recommend registering at BB&B even if you think it is out of your price range.  We had a really good time working with their staff, and we learned a lot about planning for the future.  We also got to dream decorate our future home!  Who could ask for more?  You can check out our registry here!

3: Valentine's Day Decorating
Also on Saturday, I got some decorating done!  We are normally flip flopping back between Westfield and Raleigh, but being home this weekend, I took full advantage!  I will have to show y'all my decor, but for now, just know that the Christmas stuff is down, and the Valentine's Day stuff is up!  I even got new pictures printed for the entrance way.  I cannot wait to show you, and I promise, pictures will come!

4: DIY Project
Sunday, which was really more as a lazy day, I got some DIY done!  I have a cat, (obviously) and the cat litter comes in these really nifty containers.  I bought some chalkboard paint, and painted them up!  They look really nice now, and not some much like litter containers.  Of course, Phoenix had to help by laying next to the project!  I was so worried she was going to step on the paint lid or the litter containers, but she didn't!!  She is really a great big helper!  

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Pinterest Finds

I found this really awesome idea for a metal chalkboard!
I love fonts so of course I loved these scrapbook fonts!
One of the most wonderful things of cold weather is hot chocolate!
Definitely love this string heart idea!

Feature Blogger

Beth from Life With Bethie the Boo!  Some of y'all remember she was my Great Christmas Exchange blogger, but guys, she is really awesome!  I totally love reading about her life, and she really blogs about things that I think every one can relate to!  If you haven't already, go check her out!

What all did you find this weekend?
Like I said, let me know!



  1. Those cupcakes looks SO good! That's such a bummer that they were dry, I hate that!

    1. Me too!! They were beautiful and I am a cupcake lover!! I will have to try them at least one more time though, so keep your fingers crossed!

  2. I am so flattered to be your featured blogger!! You are simply the sweetest and I am so glad we met via the Christmas exchange!! And cupcakes...oh man I'm hungry now!!

    1. I am so glad we met via the gift exchange as well!!! :) I am thrilled that I have made such a good blogging friend and I felt like you were the perfect choice for the first featured blogger!! So glad you linkedup too!!

  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! I'd love to see what your DIY project was!


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