Friday, April 10, 2015

Free Ad May!

Hello lovelies!

A few months ago, one of my favorite blogs, The Blue Dishes, offered a free ad month, and I thought...that is a terrific idea!  I recently advertised my blog on Oak + Oats and saw a pretty good response!  If you are like me (a broke college student) it can be a little out of my price range to spend much more than $10 a month on advertisement.  That is one reason I really fell in love with Haley's idea!  

I have been blogging since 2013 and I have had a lot of changes - a new blog site in 2014, an engagement, a degree change and so much more!  I am just starting out, but I think that is where a lot of us are: the beginning!  I want to work with other blogger - both new and veteran - and I totally agree with Haley that the best way to do that is to offer a free ad month!  

Starting May 1st, I will fill my sidebar with your blog advertisements!  I am super excited to meet you all and I hope this will be a total success!  All you need to do is the following:
  1.   Leave a comment saying something like "I want to participate in your Free Ad Month!" which will help me get the ball rolling!
  2. Shoot me an email at with your name, a link to your blog, and a short bio about yourself - I want to get to know y'all!!
  3. Attach a 250x150 advertisement (I use a program called PicMonkey and it is super easy and awesome!)
That's it!  All emails to me will need to be in my inbox by April 25th and then you can sit back and relax!  This opportunity is for everyone so all you have to do it let me know you want a space!

This should be a great opportunity for all blogs - new, old, big, small - and it should be fun to get to meet all new people and start following y'all lives more closely!  I know I am looking forward to it!

Are you going to participate in my Free Ad May?
Like I said, let me know!



  1. Dr. Michelle BengtsonApril 10, 2015 at 1:52 PM

    Cool idea! I've never heard of such a thing but I think it's a great idea!

  2. I want to participate in your Free Ad Month, that sounds like so much FUN! :D

  3. Thank you for responding! Sorry, I have been under the weather the last couple of days!! I am super excited that you want to participate!!! This is going to be fun!! :)

  4. Thank you Dr. Michelle!! I think it is going to be fun!! :D

  5. Thanks Tricia! Emailing you now :) I hope you're feeling better!


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