Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday Ten | Brain Foods

Happy Exam Season friends!

I realize that sounds like an oxymoron, happy and exams, but we are all almost free!  We just have to hit the books, study hard, and pass the final exam!  You got this!  One of the things I like to do while I study is snack.  Snacking is not always a bad thing, but if you are going to snack, here are some healthier options!

Whole Grains
Whole grains are so good for you anyway, but they are even better at helping you focus.  The ability to concentrate and focus comes from the adequate, steady supply of energy - in the form of glucose in our blood to the brain.  Whole grains slowly release glucose into our bloodstream, helping us stay mentally alert.  A plus: they are super yummy!

Dark Chocolate
Dark chocolate is also a yummy brain power booster!  Not only does it help by improving memory, but it also increases blood flow to the brain, increasing alertness and clarity. The darker the chocolate, the more benefits your brain will receive.  Besides, everyone has a sweet tooth!

Oily Fish
I love fish!  I love different varieties of fish too!  For oily fish, salmon is a really great choice.  It is a little on the pricey side, so sardines are for us college students.  They are good for healthy brain function, the heart, joints and general wellbeing. Oily fish contains EPA and DHA in a ready-made form, which enables the body to use it easily. Eating oily fish also helps decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease and memory loss.

Blueberries are a summertime treat, but they also improve short term memory!  Blueberries and other colorful berries are a great snack to munch on pre-exam.  Not only do these flavorful snacks reduce the level of toxins in your bloodstream, but they also contain phytonutrients and antioxidants that improve blood flow to the brain and enhance neural activity as well.

This is another one of my favorite summer treats!  Summer to me is a mater sandwich (tomato and mayo on bread)!!  Not only are tomatoes yummy, they can also help protect against the kind of free radical damage to cells which occurs in the development of dementia, particularly Alzheimer's.  Tomatoes are great for you in the long run, and when they taste that good, why wait?

I love my cup of coffee in the morning, and it is no secret that the boost of caffeine helps get you going!  Coffee is great for an energy boost when you are feeling drowsy before an exam, but it is even better for you than that. More and more research is emerging to suggest that drink coffee may help prevent diabetes and lowering the risk of liver disease!

Joshua will love this because he loves broccoli! Broccoli is a great source of vitamin K, which is known to enhance cognitive function and improve brainpower. Broccoli has the most positive effect on memory retention, meaning it is most likely to help you achieve better grades. Eating this yummy vegetables raw is the best way to get the optimal nutritional benefit, since cooking it often cooks out the nutrients your body and your brain need most!!

Pumpkin Seeds
Pumpkin seeds are fun treats to make around Halloween, but they also help your brain! Just a handful of pumpkin seeds a day is all you need to get your recommended daily amount of zinc, vital for enhancing memory and thinking skills. That means pumpkin seeds are handy all year long!!

Bananas are a great and easy snack to eat while you are running out the door!  They are also a great mid-exam snack!  Three hours is a long time! Bananas highlight potassium, an essential mineral crucial for keeping your brain, nerves, and heart in tip-top shape. This sweet treat is perfect to help boost your concentration!

This is super essential not only to our minds but also our bodies!  Water is important because while you are drinking coffee for energy, the coffee is actually depleting your body of the water it needs.  Remember to stay hydrated during exams in order to stay at the top of your game!  

Good luck on your exams friends!!  I know we are all going to do great!!

What foods will you be munching on this exam season?
Like I said, let me know!


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  1. Awesome tips! I forget to incorporate some of these some times! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh good, I'm a coffee addict. I guess I'm in the clear ;)

  3. Haha! Right?? I love coffee!!

  4. No problem! Hopefully these tips will help lots of people prepare for exams! :D

  5. I love bananas and salmon. Can eat it like everyday.

  6. Tricia Leigh ArtimApril 29, 2015 at 9:57 AM

    Then your brain and memory will be happy!! :D

  7. Glad to see dark chocolate on the list!

  8. Thanks for sharing...love it

  9. A Life of Love and JoyApril 29, 2015 at 8:25 PM

    Love this! Thank you for sharing! And yes - dark chocolate is always acceptable in my books!!!


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