Friday, June 26, 2015

The New Normal

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe I went over a week without writing a post, but that is just where I was last week!  I have had so many little things change in such a short period of time that I am a little overwhelmed myself.  I know everything will be great in the end, but these changes were just enough to leave me a little dazed!  I figured I would share some details with you, and get your take on this roller coaster!!

1 - I moved!
I am no longer a resident of Raleigh, NC!  I actually moved home to Westfield, NC so now I am a city mouse living in the country.  It is very different because instead of having a Food Lion within walking distance, I am about 15 minutes away from the nearest grocery store!  That is a big difference!  I also left my beautiful little apartment in Raleigh, and traded it for a smaller one in Westfield (technically at the end of my parent's driveway).  My roommate Rachel stayed in Raleigh, so it is just me and Phoenix for this one!  Joshua and I packed and moved me home all day on Saturday, so I don't know if the reality has really set in yet, because I am still pretty wiped!

2 - I got a job!
Yep, I am now a Manager-in-Training for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Mount Airy, NC (about 20 minutes away) and I am pretty excited about it!  I am doing a lot of learning, which is exciting and nerve-racking!  Either way, Friday was my last day with my previous employer.  I worked for Surry for 3.5 years, and so we had a pretty tearful goodbye, on both sides!  Joshua and I took him out to barbecue dinner and homemade ice cream before we left, but it was still a little sad!  I am excited about this new company though, and this new adventure!

3 - Joshua and I did not buy a house!
Unbeknownst to y'all, Joshua and I had put in an offer on a house here in Westfield.  We are trying to get a house so he can move home from Raleigh too, but this offer did not work out.  That being said, we had to get back on our feet and move right along.  We looked at two really cute houses yesterday, and we are hoping to put in offers either this week or next, so y'all keep your fingers crossed!!  The sooner we close on a house, the sooner we can start a new adventure in Westfield!

4 - Joshua did not move home!
Did y'all notice that I said "so her can move home from Raleigh" above???  Yes, Joshua is still in Raleigh, and I am here almost three hours away from him.  This is probably the biggest adjustment, because I am used to seeing Joshua everyday.  We haven't been apart much longer than a week the whole time we have been dating, and this is going to be a big adjustment.  I realize that this is like him working out of town, and then I will see him on the weekends, but this is still new!  Today he will be coming to Westfield for the weekend, so our first week is over!!  It was a little rough in some parts, but hopefully we will have a great weekend with each other!

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