Tuesday, March 1, 2016

2016 & March Goals

Hello again friends!

I am starting to get back into my blogging, and so I am starting to plan everything accordingly, and hopefully I can keep up with a schedule!  Either way, I totally missed October-February goals, and I missed my 2015 reflection on goals!!  So this post is going to hopefully catch everything up!  lol  

For 2015, I had three main goals.  I knew a bunch of things would change, and I wanted to make my goals simple to help keep me focused.  My 2015 goals were:

1 - Be Healthy
2 - Plan Accordingly
3 - Be Happy

I think I completed them pretty well!  I realize they are simple goals, but they were perfect for me!

2016 Goals

1 - Continue being healthy
I have already lost 4 dress sizes, and I would like to see that continue! 

2 - Learn to be patient with myself
As a new wife and a working woman, I am pretty tough on myself for not being able to do it all.  I need to learn to celebrate my successes and not be weighted down by my failures.  

3 - Embrace the change
I have so many new changes going on in my life and I am the one who screams "NOOOO!!!" when the change starts happening! 

4 - Find the happiness
Happiness is what you make and you have to choose to be happy...every day!     

These are simple too, but I like that!  Simple is how I am rolling this year!  lol

As for my last "Month Goals," that was back in September!  Let's check out those goals!

September Goals

1. Complete wedding plans - I got married, so I am going to say this was a success!!  Now I just need to post about our wedding and give y'all all the details!

2. Post more - Ironically, this was my last post before the one on Sunday.  I am going to say that this one is not a success!

3. Book honeymoon flights - We went to Key West, Cozumel and Disney!!  So that definitely got done!!  

4. Be happy with where God has me - I have learned that, and I was already there when I posted that.  I just wanted to get better at it, but I think that is a lifetime journey.  As long as you are willing to work on it, it will be successful!

5. Learn to "Let It Go" - I didn't conquer this, but I have come a long way from where I started!

6. Read more - I ended up only reading 15 books in 2015, but that is more than I had in September!  Once we moved into the house, I got back in the habit of reading before bed every night!

Yay!  Successes all around!  I can't believe I missed October through February, but I will try to be better this month!  I think March is starting off better already! 

March Goals

1 - Post more
2 - Pass my GRILL (for work)
3 - Get some more renovating done
4 - Cook at home more
5 - Plan accordingly
6 - Finish at least 1 book

What are your March goals?  How did your last goals go?
Like I said, let me know!



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