Wednesday, June 4, 2014


I have never really been a huge fan of summer.  I mean I am a persistent allergy suffer, and being outside is always messing with me.  Still, there are some parts of summer that, like it or not, I get so excited about every year.  The main part being, the Farmer's Market in Raleigh opens up again.  

I do love the Farmer's Market!!!  I love the way the place looks in the summer.  It is literally bursting with color!!  Beautiful flowers!  Tasty treats!  Sweet temptations!  It is a dream from which I am well woke!   I love that everywhere you turn, someone is offering something to you.  Watching people is a big pastime of mine, and the Farmer's Market is no exception.  These people trade their wares and dedicate their summers to bettering the community, and, as a new agriculture student, it is beautiful.  


Raleigh is a city.  It is a big city compared to my hometown in Mayberry.  Typically, you are hard pressed to find the country mixed into the city, but Raleigh is magical like that.  Josh and I can drive about five minutes out of town and be on a dirt road driving through the fields.  We can be cruising to a restaurant in Cary, and just as easily pass a cattle farm, or a pumpkin patch.  Fortunately for two country bumpkins, the country is tucked into Raleigh.  It is like being away from home, but never too far away.


In today's society, it seems that everyone is out to screw someone.  That is a cold, hard truth.  But in my hometown, it doesn't always feel like that is the case.  Sometimes it feels like we are all still tied to one another, and we never left the Depression Era.  "Reciprocating altruism," to quote Dr. Tom Hatfield, is something that is still alive and well in Mayberry.  I mean, we have out share of problems, but no one place is perfect.  I like to people watch at the Market because, to me, this is the very definition of community.  

At home, everyone goes to C&J Produce.  It sounds like a stand, but it is a little more sophisticated than that.  They have a pool table, and Junior knows everybody!  We have one gas station.  "The Superette" was recently purchased and turned into "Jake's Gas N Go," but that name will only stick with the new generation.  It will be a sign of the times.  Just like "Cain's Exxon," which is now a vacant store, or "Davis'," which doesn't really exist anymore.  It will be a marker of how long we have been around this town.  I am old enough that I constant call "The Grill" the "Sandwich Shop!"    

I guess the whole point of this post is to discuss community.  Everyone dreams of that small town feel, whether they have experienced it or not.  We all wish we lived in Mayberry, where you sit on a rocking chair on the porch after dinner or you watch the night come alive with lightening bugs.  I like the Farmer's Market because it has that kind of feel.  The people.  The community.  I want to go home afterward and cook to my heart's content.  I love the experience of the Farmer's Market!  It feels like summer has come to Raleigh again!!

Monday, June 2, 2014


I love to be inspired.  

I love the feeling inspiration gives me.  I love to read blogs, see people's lives, and think, "I can do that."  It is a fascination, nay, obsession.  I realize that this makes me seem more like a stalker and less like a normal person, but people are fascinating.  Blogs are like virtual coffee shops: you can sit and watch people interact with one another for hours.  

I started a blog.  Several years ago.  It developed into less of a blog and more of an interactive website.  Don't get me wrong, I love my website, but it is not a crisp, or clean as other people's blogs. It was...busy, for lack of a better word.  Sometimes in life I just want to be straight forward.  Simple.  That is why I am doing this now.  I want to be inspired, and inspire.  I want to take a step forward and officially leave the past behind.  

First things first.  My name is Tricia Artim, soon to be Mrs. Joshua Hauser.  I am engaged to the most difficultly, wonderful man in the universe.  He drives me crazy some days, but he never ceases to amaze me, or make me smile.  Our life is anything but perfect, or simple.  I mean we have been engaged since the beginning of December, and we still don't have anything really planned.  We travel and we eat.  Because of this, we are little out of shape, but we are training.  I spent six years in NCSU's engineering program only to realize that it was not what I wanted, and I am not what they wanted.  So I did what any rational person would do: I left.  I moved to the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.  I don't really know what will happen this fall, but I am pretty excited.  I have a cat, and yes, deep, deep down inside, I am a crazy cat lady!  My cat's name is Phoenix, and she is beautiful!  She is literally mine and Josh's baby.  I love to bake, and craft.  I seriously decorate my apartment all the time.  I also love to use more than one exclamation point per sentence, but I seriously try to control that.  I am from a small town, living in a big city, and counting down the days until that small town is where I call my home again.  

I am starting this new chapter in my life, and I really do not have a clue where I am heading.  I just know, I want to document the way I get there, so that in 50 years, I can look back.  I am an old soul trapped in the body of a 23 year old.  But, I want to take what time I am given, and give all that I can to the people around me.  I love to inspire.  

Most importantly, I love to be inspired.

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