Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Currently | 5

Hello friends!  

I have been a little bit better about keeping up with my blogging, but I still technically missed the cut off for Gold & Bloom and Anne in Residence's "Currently" link up.  Still, I will not be disheartened!  I will publish my "Currently" anyway!  lol  I feel like it is always better late than never, and honestly, I love this series!  

CREATING | wedding invitations!!  I am designing them and printing them this week with the hope to get them all in the mail by Saturday!  I wish I could say it will be simple, but y'all, this is me we are talking about.  Nothing is simple!

WISHLISTING | this awesome guestbook for our wedding!  I wanted to do some subtle Disney decorating for our wedding, and I felt like a "Beauty and the Beast" guestbook was just too good to pass up.  Still, I don't want to pay almost $80 for it, so I am looking for a much more affordable substitute, if anyone knows of anything good!  

HOPING | Joshua won't have to be in Raleigh too much longer.  I have really missed having him nearby and spending a lot of time with him.  I realize our wedding is right around the corner, but I will be much more ready when he is in Westfield full-time with me!  If only there was something we could do to help bring him home...

EATING | a super yummy Mexican dinner!  Joshua surprised me by coming into town just for the evening and taking me to dinner!  I can't say he loves Mexican food, but I sure do!  Arroz con pollo speaks my language, and I was really excited to have a date on Tuesday night! :D

WATCHING | God, Guns & Automobiles!  It is the show on Netflix, that Joshua and I have just really enjoyed.  It is about a car salesman in Missouri and how he and his city-slicker brother run a good old down home car lot.  I really like it!  

I hope some of you got your "Currently" posts in before the linkup closed!  If you didn't, don't feel bad.  Obviously, I didn't either!  lol  Feel free to post your "Currently" post here instead.  Next month’s currently topics will be reading, making, pinning, anticipating, loving and will go live the first Wednesday in September if you would like to participate!

What is going on in your life currently?
Like I said, let me know!


Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Goals

Hello Friends!

It is August!  I have 59 days until I am a Mrs. and I am just at the beginning of so many exciting things!  I was out of commission as far as blogging goes for a little over a month, but now I am bouncing back, and I am better figuring out how to balance life.  Since I missed most of July, I never posted goals, or even went over the ones from June, so I am actually going to do that now!  Then we will be able to see if I was successful at all!

June Goals

1 - Keep looking for an adult job - Got this!  I am currently working as a Management Trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Mount Airy!  I love my job, and I really love all the people I work with.  This is a great beginning to what will hopefully be an awesome career!

2 - Move home to Westfield - Check, check!  I am living all by myself at the end of my parents' driveway, but at least I am home!  I was really worried about moving back here, but I am loving it!  Now if I can just get Joshua home for good, then I will be satisfied!

3 - Take a trip to somewhere fun - I have actually take two fun trips since we spoke last!  I went to Raleigh for July 4th, and I actually just got back from the beach last week!  So yay!  I am super ready to go back to the beach, but I guess I will have to wait until the honeymoon!!

4 - Work on wedding planning and blog about it - This is a half win.  I have been working a little on the wedding planning process, but I haven't blogged any about it!  I will though as we get closer to time!!

5 - Enjoy the start of my summer - This is also a success!  I had a great start to my summer, and now that it is almost over, I am looking back thinking it was a good summer!  Even with working 55 hours a week!  lol  

6 - Keep reading!! - I am still trudging through "The Maze Runner."  It is not a bad book, but I am just having difficulty staying awake long enough at night to read it!  I will eventually finish it though, and that will be great!

Yay goals!  Here are my goals for August!


1 - Send out wedding invitations!
2 - Finish "Thank You" notes!
3 - Book honeymoon flights!
4 - Do some more crafting!
5 - Cook more!
6 - Be better at corresponding with friends!
7 - Read more!

What are your August goals?
Like I said, let me know!
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