Friday, June 26, 2015

The New Normal

Hello Friends!

I cannot believe I went over a week without writing a post, but that is just where I was last week!  I have had so many little things change in such a short period of time that I am a little overwhelmed myself.  I know everything will be great in the end, but these changes were just enough to leave me a little dazed!  I figured I would share some details with you, and get your take on this roller coaster!!

1 - I moved!
I am no longer a resident of Raleigh, NC!  I actually moved home to Westfield, NC so now I am a city mouse living in the country.  It is very different because instead of having a Food Lion within walking distance, I am about 15 minutes away from the nearest grocery store!  That is a big difference!  I also left my beautiful little apartment in Raleigh, and traded it for a smaller one in Westfield (technically at the end of my parent's driveway).  My roommate Rachel stayed in Raleigh, so it is just me and Phoenix for this one!  Joshua and I packed and moved me home all day on Saturday, so I don't know if the reality has really set in yet, because I am still pretty wiped!

2 - I got a job!
Yep, I am now a Manager-in-Training for Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Mount Airy, NC (about 20 minutes away) and I am pretty excited about it!  I am doing a lot of learning, which is exciting and nerve-racking!  Either way, Friday was my last day with my previous employer.  I worked for Surry for 3.5 years, and so we had a pretty tearful goodbye, on both sides!  Joshua and I took him out to barbecue dinner and homemade ice cream before we left, but it was still a little sad!  I am excited about this new company though, and this new adventure!

3 - Joshua and I did not buy a house!
Unbeknownst to y'all, Joshua and I had put in an offer on a house here in Westfield.  We are trying to get a house so he can move home from Raleigh too, but this offer did not work out.  That being said, we had to get back on our feet and move right along.  We looked at two really cute houses yesterday, and we are hoping to put in offers either this week or next, so y'all keep your fingers crossed!!  The sooner we close on a house, the sooner we can start a new adventure in Westfield!

4 - Joshua did not move home!
Did y'all notice that I said "so her can move home from Raleigh" above???  Yes, Joshua is still in Raleigh, and I am here almost three hours away from him.  This is probably the biggest adjustment, because I am used to seeing Joshua everyday.  We haven't been apart much longer than a week the whole time we have been dating, and this is going to be a big adjustment.  I realize that this is like him working out of town, and then I will see him on the weekends, but this is still new!  Today he will be coming to Westfield for the weekend, so our first week is over!!  It was a little rough in some parts, but hopefully we will have a great weekend with each other!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

A Little Bit of Life

Hello friends!

It seems like it has been a long time since I posted, but I literally posted last Thursday, so it really hasn't been a long time!  I think it just feels like a long time because so much is happening so quickly.  So much is changing!  I love it, but it all terrifies me at the same time!  I was thinking about making this an "On My Mind" feature, but the only things on my mind are packing and cleaning, so this is more of an "On My Plate."  

Last Thursday, I went to an Alumni Career Fair, and I handed out my resumĂ© and looked for jobs!  Fortunately for me, I found two seriously interested parties, and Monday morning I had a physical interview with one company.  This morning I have two phone interviews, and I am hoping if things go well, I will have a job in a week or so.  A big girl job!  

My diploma came in the mail this weekend too!  I didn't think it would be mailed until the third week of June, but since I already received it, I am guessing I win!  My little sister finished the 11th grade and is now a senior in high school!  It is hard to believe she is growing up so fast!

I am still packing and I have no new pictures of the process.  Instead, I will show you a cute picture of my cat in a box, because she does NOT want to be forgotten!!  This is my second to last week in a city that has been my home for almost eight years.  I don't know how I will say goodbye!!  So much of my adult life has happened here, and now I am leaving it behind.   My world is here but my life in home in Westfield.  Joshua has a few more weeks in Raleigh before he can move home, so my heart will be with him here.  It will just be strange to go from seeing each other every day, to seeing each other on the weekends.  There will probably be a large amount of blogs during this time because I won't have anything to do without Joshua!!  lol  But seriously.

There is a lot of life still ahead of me, but there is a lot of it I am going to leave behind when I leave Raleigh.  This is a new chapter of my life, and I am ready for it, but I would be lying if I told y'all I wasn't nervous.  Still, that is why God leads us on and leads us forward.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Currently | 4

Happy Thursday friends!

I always feel crazy at the beginning of the month because I am shocked that it is already the beginning of another month!  This is the first June in a long time where I do not have summer classes.  This means it is like vacation month!  This is not a huge month, but it does involve some important changes!  

This is my fourth installment of Gold & Bloom's and Anne in Residence's "Currently" linkup.  I always look for to these ladies' prompts, and it is a really good way for me to kick off my month!  Be sure you check out their "Currently" posts, and join us either this month or next month!

Playing: The packing game!  I am trying to fit all of my big stuff in small places, and I am debating on whether or not I really need the small things!  It is super fun (NOT!!)!

Going: Home!  For the first time in almost eight years, I am moving back to mine and Joshua's hometown for a more permanent period of time.  Joshua and I are still looking at houses, but for now he is staying in Raleigh and I am moving to Westfield.

Wearing: My super cute "Bliss" top from CATO!  I went shopping with my mom the other week, and we both bought some really cute outfits!  This is a cute top to wear when I am totally feeling a cute coffee day!

Sipping: Water!  At least nine cups a day!  I am trying to stay hydrated and flush out water weight!  I am really working on living a healthier lifestyle, and this is just a good start!

Reading: "The Hypnotist's Love Story."  I think it is good, but I am having trouble getting very far along in it!  I am really ready to start a new book, but I am not even half-way through with this one!

Yay!!!  So there you have it!  That is what I am currently into!  Next month’s currently topics will be craving, grilling, listening, planning, decorating and will go live July 1st.  If you haven't already, go check out Gold & Bloom and Anne in Residence to see what they are into currently!

What are you playing, going, wearing, sipping and reading currently?
Like I said, let me know!


Monday, June 1, 2015

June Goals

Today is the first day of June!!

I cannot believe May is over!!  So much happened, and this is just the beginning!  The countdown to the wedding is on, and I am now looking for a "big person" job, and making plans to move home and out of Raleigh.  This is crazy to me because I have live in Raleigh for almost eight years...that is one third of my life btw!  One third!!  Anyway, I kind of made May a cheat month.  Everything I listed as a goal, I knew was going to successful month!  Sometimes you have to do that with your goals though, so you won't be so disappointed when you don't meet all of your goals.  First things first, let's review May's Goals!

May Goals

1 - Graduate from college - On May 9th at 9:00 a.m. I graduated from North Carolina State University with a Bachelors of Science in Agricultural & Environmental Technology!  This is a total success!!
2 - Take an awesome post-college trip with my fiancĂ© - Yes!  The weekend right after graduation, Joshua and I went on a trip to the Dismal Swamp and the Outer Banks!  We had so much fun, and the weather was perfect, so this is a win!
3 - Celebrate my family's birthdays this month - Success!  Two members of my family had birthdays this month, and we all celebrated on May 23!
4 - Participate in an awesome bridal shower - Yes!  I cannot wait to tell y'all more about this shower, but it was pretty awesome!  I was totally wiped out afterward, but it was so much fun to celebrate my upcoming wedding with family and friends!!
5 - Savor the moment...every moment - Yes, yes and yes!!  This whole month has flown by, but it has been wonderful from start to finish!  As I look back on everything we accomplished, I am so amazed by how much fun it all was!
6 - Keep reading!! - I finished reading two books this month so that is a super success!!  I read A Letter to My Mom and Three Wishes this month, and you can check out my review of A Letter to My Mom here!

See what I mean about cheating??  Haha!!  Here are my June goals!

June Goals

1 - Keep looking for an adult job
2 - Move home to Westfield
3 - Take a trip to somewhere fun
4 - Work on wedding planning and blog about it
5 - Enjoy the start of my summer
6 - Keep reading!!

What are your June goals?
Like I said, let me know!

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