Thursday, September 25, 2014

Review: thredUP

Hello Friends!

Recently I posted about ordering and receiving my thredUP orders.  Like I said before, I discovered this site on a blog that I enjoy, Oak & Oats.  It is a really cool concept.  Basically it is Plato's Closet only much more organized and online.  I definitely love this site.  After one order, I was hooked!  And friends, I am going to tell you why!

The Shoes

I have always had really small feet, which I love, and therefore I love to shoe shop.  It is probably one of the only kinds of clothes shopping that I truly enjoy.  It is definitely one of the few where I am like, "I think I need a smaller size!"  That being said, I also love boots!  I swear my favorite fashion trend is black leggings and boots! I love them!  So when I stumbled on these babies, I knew a purchase had to be made!

These boots are Sam Edelman, size 7, and they supposedly had a tiny flaw, which I have yet to find!  They had been $89.00, but I got them for $15.31!!  That is a savings of almost 83%!!!  The came in a green polka-dot box, and when I opened the lid, a green sticker on white tissue paper said "enjoy!"  I immediately put them on, and this is the result!

Absolutely beautiful!

The Cardigan

I am a cardigan queen!  I have more cardigans than one woman will ever need, and Joshua is constantly asking me, "Do you really need another cardigan?"  The answer is always a resounding, "YES!"  I love cardigans sooo much!  I pair them with a long sleeve tee shirt (normally a black Faded Glory tee from Walmart), and then my leggings and boots!  Cardigans are a fall item that I wait all year to be able to wear again!  

  This cardigan is from Love Stitch and it was originally $69.00.  I got it for $11.37, which is a savings of almost 84%!!  It was a little bigger than I anticipated, but I still think I like it.  Since Tuesday was the first real day I could wear some of my fall clothes, I haven't gotten a chance to parade around in this cardigan.  I did not realize when I ordered it that it had 3/4 sleeves so that was a surprise, but I still think I am going to enjoy it.  If not, I can always make alterations!  thredUP as has a 30 day return policy on items as long as they are not a clearance item.  This means, if something doesn't fit, or doesn't look right, you can send it right back!

The Conclusion

I love thredUP!  I seriously have ordered two more orders from them since I got my boots and cardigan.  I also like that every one of my friends can save $10 when they join thredUP through my blog.  What this means is every one who follows this link, can save $10 on their first order!  This means friends, get shopping!  You can also sell items on this site, so look into that as well!  

Have you ever tried thredUP before?  Do you have another favorite online shopping site?  Like I said, let me know!


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