Tuesday, August 4, 2015

August Goals

Hello Friends!

It is August!  I have 59 days until I am a Mrs. and I am just at the beginning of so many exciting things!  I was out of commission as far as blogging goes for a little over a month, but now I am bouncing back, and I am better figuring out how to balance life.  Since I missed most of July, I never posted goals, or even went over the ones from June, so I am actually going to do that now!  Then we will be able to see if I was successful at all!

June Goals

1 - Keep looking for an adult job - Got this!  I am currently working as a Management Trainee at Enterprise Rent-A-Car in Mount Airy!  I love my job, and I really love all the people I work with.  This is a great beginning to what will hopefully be an awesome career!

2 - Move home to Westfield - Check, check!  I am living all by myself at the end of my parents' driveway, but at least I am home!  I was really worried about moving back here, but I am loving it!  Now if I can just get Joshua home for good, then I will be satisfied!

3 - Take a trip to somewhere fun - I have actually take two fun trips since we spoke last!  I went to Raleigh for July 4th, and I actually just got back from the beach last week!  So yay!  I am super ready to go back to the beach, but I guess I will have to wait until the honeymoon!!

4 - Work on wedding planning and blog about it - This is a half win.  I have been working a little on the wedding planning process, but I haven't blogged any about it!  I will though as we get closer to time!!

5 - Enjoy the start of my summer - This is also a success!  I had a great start to my summer, and now that it is almost over, I am looking back thinking it was a good summer!  Even with working 55 hours a week!  lol  

6 - Keep reading!! - I am still trudging through "The Maze Runner."  It is not a bad book, but I am just having difficulty staying awake long enough at night to read it!  I will eventually finish it though, and that will be great!

Yay goals!  Here are my goals for August!


1 - Send out wedding invitations!
2 - Finish "Thank You" notes!
3 - Book honeymoon flights!
4 - Do some more crafting!
5 - Cook more!
6 - Be better at corresponding with friends!
7 - Read more!

What are your August goals?
Like I said, let me know!

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