Monday, November 3, 2014

November Goals

Hello Friends!

The last goal I listed was in September and was to blog more consistently.  I don't think that worked out the way I wanted!!  To tell you I have been super busy is to preach to the choir!  Everyone is super busy, and my schedule is not the only one that is way too full!  This month, my goals are more or less the same, but sometimes it takes more than one try!


1.  So no pictures this time, but I did some cleaning over the past two months.  It is not finished, but I want to keep working on it.  My goal is to take at least one load of clothes to Grace's Closet and one stack of books to the Surry Senior Center Lending Library.  Both of these ministries are great ones and I want to benefit them!  Maybe that is why my goals for me don't work.  They need a better reason than just my wants!

2.  I said last time that I wanted to blog more consistently.  This time I am saying I want to blog more about things that are important to me.  I am still finding my groove to this blogging thing, and I want to find things that matter to me!  Some things I want to post about my upcoming wedding, my engagement (a.k.a., the best day ever!), and I want to start a book club!!  What do y'all think about those???

3.  Keep up my Zumba three days a week!  This is very important to me.  Every time I get involved in something exercise related, I either get injured, or something gets in the way.  Any way, doing something for my health is always the last thing on my mind, and this month, I don't want it to be.  I want my health to be one of my first concerns!  I need to be healthy because it won't be long and I will be trying on wedding dresses, and I know I cannot be a perfect size 8, but I sure would like to be a size smaller than what I am.  

4.  I want to get my Thanksgiving decor up soon!  I totally did NOT put up Halloween stuff until Tuesday, so I don't want to do that again!  I want to be better about that!

5.  Every year, I wait for the excitement about the holidays to build and every year I find myself on December 23, just getting excited for the whole holiday season!  I literally am only excited for two days and then it is OVER!  And I kick myself afterward!  I was super excited about my Halloween costume that I made, but now I need to take that super excitement and focus it toward the holidays.  After all, this will be my last Thanksgiving and Christmas as a single woman!  I need to enjoy it for what it is, and be excited to spend the holidays with my family and friends!

I am hoping this month we see a lot more of me, and I can write my posts instead of just think about them and take pictures.  I really want to be an active blogger!!  

What are your goals for November?  How do y'all feel about a book club (nothing too hard core)??  Like I said, let me know!


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