Thursday, February 26, 2015

On My Mind | 2

Happy Thursday Friends!

I missed some of last week, so I thought I would make up with a rant and ramble of what all has been on my mind (because it has a lot this week!)!  Unlike last time, I have a few more pictures, but not as many as I would like.  If I could do a whole picture blog post...I would!  But I like words too, so I am trying to find a happy medium!

1 - The main reason I have been slow posting is because I have been enjoying time at home!  As you in North Carolina may have noticed, we have entered the Arctic Circle!  It has been snowing like crazy, and I am really enjoying it!  I have missed two days of work, and more days of classes simply because we have been snowed in!!  College brings back a love of snow because we don't have the make the days we miss up.  If we are out of class, then we are out of class!!  Yay!!!  New love of snow!  Joshua bought us some sleds and we went sledding last night, which was awesome and I got an awesome picture of our sled zone at Dorothea Dix.  It was super fun, but that hill was HUGE!  We could only go about four times because the walk back up it was long and hard.  Still, super fun!

2 - I haven't posted because I have been really focused on improving and advertising my blog.  That sounds strange but I only have so much time to give to my blog a day, and I have been spending that time trying to get my name and brand out there.  I have also been looking a lot at branding, and I want to develop a brand, but I don't know what or how.  I will get it all figured out, but for right now, I am just buying advertising space.  So look for me in March on Oak & Oats!

3 - I have been doing a lot of cooking lately!  I am not sure if it is the cold weather or what, but I am loving being in the kitchen!!  Last week, I totally made this awesome chili, with garlic knots!  I also tried my hand at some homemade carbonara, and I wanted a yummy snack so I made ice cream bread.  I feel like lately I have been living on Pinterest (especially in the food section) but I am really enjoying finding new recipes to try!  Some have been successful, and others could use some improvement.  Either way, lots of home cooked meals!  

4 - I cannot believe February is almost over!!  I have already taken down my Valentine's Day decorations and put up my St. Patrick's Day decorations (well almost all of them), and now we are almost to March!  I am almost halfway done with my classes, and it won't be long now until Spring flowers are popping up left and right!!  I just cannot believe that time is flying this fast!  I guess this makes me feel waay old because time just keeps ticking on!!!  

5 - Even though I have spent a lot off work and out of class, I am starting to develop cabin fever.  Seriously.  I am just about over not having anything to do.  I am cleaning, and cooking, but I am still really tired just from where I have not had a lot to do.  Meetings and things have been canceled a lot lately, and I just starting to be really bored.  That being said, I have a bittersweet feeling toward starting back up again.  I can honestly say that, school or no school, I will be on campus tomorrow doing homework (that I assure you I will not like) but it will be mine!

6 - Yesterday, one of the blogs I read, The Blue Disheswrote a post about comparing your body to someone else's and that got me thinking.  I am not necessarily comparing my body to someone else, but I do spend a lot of time comparing other things in my life.  For example, I am a messy person.  Not even kidding.  I don't have a lot of time/energy to clean, but I feel like since all my friends have clean apartments then I should too!  But the bottom line is: I am not them, and they are not me.  I am one of the only people I know still in college, I have a job, I have lots of homework and projects, I am a member of an on-campus organization, and I have a roommate.  I cannot compare my home to someone else's because they are not the same, and what is working for them, may not work for me.  I also spend a lot of time comparing blogs, and trust me, that is no better.  I just have to take a step back, and stop comparing.  My life is the way my life is, and I just have to accept that and stop looking at everyone else's life! 

So just a look into my head lately!

What is new in your life?
Like I said, let me know!



  1. Tricia: I like your blog, and I think it's cool you're trying to improve it. I hope the stats continue to increase!

    I'm especially excited about the cooking, but I am shuddering with dismay over the "carbonara" recipe that you linked. Garlic is *never* a part of true Carbonara (nor is garlic usually a part of Italian pasta cookery in general); one clove per serving will positively destroy every other flavor in the dish (and will render that Grana -- the most expensive ingredient at ~$20/lb -- no more flavorful than Kraft "parmesan").

    A true Carbonara *never* has garlic, and *never* has olive oil (and never cream or peas either). There is no such thing as "vegetarian" Carbonara. Carbonara without cured pork is cacio e pepe, which is also quite good and very popular in Rome, but again, always without garlic (just a little extra black pepper, which accentuates the richness of the eggs and cheese).

    If you want to see (and taste) the difference yourself, I suggest you take a look here:

    Good luck on your last semester, and enjoy all the wedding planning. All the best to you and Joshua from California!

    1. HAHA! Thank you Adam!! We will definitely have to try your Carbonara recipe because that one wasn't very good! I guess I see why now (even though I love garlic on almost anything)!! lol We will definitely have to try yours and taste the difference!! Thank you for posting, and I hope everyone is doing well in California!!! Love from me and Joshua!

  2. Love the snow! Being a former Georgia girl, I know of the excitement that comes with being in the south and seeing that beautiful white, fluffy blanket of snow. Best of luck with getting your blog out there!

    1. Thank you Monica! I am going to try some new stuff, and keep improving on content! I love snow too, but I might be ready for some Spring flowers to appear!! Thank you for reading!

  3. we haven't had any snow here yet :( I could do with some snow days, but then I wouldn't get the day off, as I can easily walk to work!


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