Monday, March 14, 2016

Life in Full Bloom

Oh!  Hey there friends!

Spring is in the air here in Pilot Mountain, NC.  The temps are in the 70s, and most days are sunny and beautiful!  Last Thursday, I actually built a campfire and sat out and enjoyed the sounds of the peepers.  Even though I didn't have any marshmallows, it was wonderful!  

One of my friends works for an app company called Photofy.  If you don't know anything about Photofy, it is actually pretty awesome.  Photofy is a Raleigh based company that helps users create the best social content through photo enhancements.  It is kind of like Instagram, but with different overlays that you can purchase within the app.  Really super awesome!  

I was out in my yard the other evening, and I noticed that my daffodils are blooming.  Since we moved into our house in October, I wasn't really sure what all flowers I would have or wouldn't have.  I didn't know if I would have these beautiful spring flowers, so I was pretty excited when I did.  I picked a couple and put them in a mason jar, and as I was looking for the perfect Photofy overlay, I stumbled on this one.  "Life in full bloom."

Since I started working full time, I have really felt time fly by me, and for a long time, I have felt like I have missed life.  I felt like I have missed the every day living that I used to do in Raleigh.  Everyone keeps telling me how much my life has changed since last year, but until I read this phrase, it didn't click.  I have be hard on myself because I expect myself to be the perfect wife, perfect working woman, and the perfect blogger.  I have felt like I am waiting for life to happen, but what I realized is that I am living in full bloom.  

My life is a whirlwind of events, and like any ebb and flow, things are going to come easy and things are going to need effort.  I don't know what is coming next, just like I didn't know if I would have daffodils, and yet here they are in full bloom.  Regardless of what happens in my day, week, month or year, my life is in full bloom, and I have to remember to thank God for placing me where I need to be.  I need to thank Him for giving me the full bloom life to go where I need to go and do what He needs me to do.  

It is funny how life just hits you like that.  One minute you are editing a picture of the flowers from your garden, and the next you are having a revelation about the ebb and flow of the every day adventures.  Crazy how God tells us what we need to hear!  

Where did God speak to you this weekend?
Like I said, let me know!


***All opinions in this post are mine.  I was not paid for my review and opinions of Photofy.


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