Thursday, March 3, 2016

Our Wedding Day | 5 Months

(Warning: This is a picture heavy post)

Happy 5 months of marriage to my husband!!  We made it!

I felt bad that I wasn't blogging when we got married because I felt like our wedding was such a huge part of my life and I didn't let y'all in.  In some ways though, it also felt more intimate because it didn't have all the comments and likes.  It was just between me, Joshua and our family and friends!  With today marking our five month anniversary, I had a little different feeling about our wedding!  I want y'all to see it!  Even if it is just through pictures!  So here are some of my favorites from the wedding!!

On the right, we filled window shutters with old pictures of people who were able to attend the wedding, and people who watched us from above.  Our guests got a kick out of seeing themselves through the years!
I love, love, love my bridal portraits(top right)!  My mom took them for me in our field and in one of them, you can see our cows in the background watching!  Our hashtag (left) was #ourhauserstory and we opted for cupcakes and one cake to cut (bottom right).
My sister Merritt had to help me put on my boots (top left) and she got tickled because my socks didn't match!  I am such a procrastinator that I didn't write my vows until the night before the wedding (bottom right)!
I was so fortunate to be surrounding by all my girls!  My bridesmaids (top left), my new nieces (bottom left), my Big (top right), and my maid of honor (bottom right).  Oh!  You can't forget my main pre-wedding squeeze, our minister Russ (middle)!!
Joshua can say the same thing!  His groomsmen had his back (top left)!  Josh was on the phone during some of his family pictures (bottom right).  Typical!
Joshua and I held hands and prayed before the wedding (top left).  We couldn't see each other, but it felt so good to hold his hand and calm my nerves!  We had a wrap station for a reception, so leave it to me to make a punny sign (top right).  We were going to get married outside, but with the rain, we were able to move our whole wedding into the barn (bottom right).
Funny story.  My dad and I left the house where we got ready and walked outside to the barn without getting a single drop of rain on us (top left).  As soon as we got in the barn, the bottom dropped out and it started raining cats and dogs!!  Joshua and I were so nervous, that our minister, Russ, told us to look at our guests and wave (top middle).  It definitely lightened our mood, and helped us relax!
My dad and I danced to "Daddy's Money" because we would be crying if we chose a sentimental song (top middle).  Josh's best man and nephew, Danny, gave such a sweet toast, that they wasn't a dry eye in the house (bottom right).
I initiated the cake smoosh (top left and middle)!!  It was worth it!!  Our sendoff was with glow sticks (top right).  After our "sendoff," I went in the manor house and changed into a shorter dress that I could dance and move in.  

So there you have it friends!  A look into our wedding day!  It was a blast, to say the least!!  I will have to share with y'all our honeymoon adventures because they were awesome too!  Happy five months of marriage Joshua!  I can't believe we are still married (there is a story there...I will tell y'all soon!!)!!

What did you think about our wedding?  
Like I said, let me know!


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