Monday, April 4, 2016

April Goals

Happy April friends!

I cannot BELIEVE we are already in the month of April.  Easter happened, the GRILL happened, and now we are moving into the next exciting phases of 2016.  I am so excited about all the new adventures to come this month, and I am pretty pumped that I kept up with my goals last month!

March Goals

1 - Post more - Yay!  I got a little behind there in the end due to the GRILL studying, but I did post eight times last month!  I am super excited about getting back into blogging all the time.  I just always have to remember in the back of my mind, that it does have a lot of hard work associated with blogging. 

2 - Pass my GRILL (for work) - I DID IT!!  I passed my GRILL, so I am now an official Management Assistant, not a Management Trainee!!  Now I am looking for an Assistant Manager position in the surrounding areas to apply for, and then I will leave my little Mount Airy branch behind.  This is both sad and exciting!  I will have to keep everyone posted on where I am heading next!

3 - Get some more renovating done - YES WE DID!  Back in December, we took down the wall dividing the living area and the dining area.  In January, we rewired everything and in February, we officially hooked up some new plug ins and a new switch.  FINALLY we wrapped a fake beam around the electrical wires, and Joshua created an open bookshelf by the door.  It is beautiful!  Saturday we are wanting to go look about buying our new floors, so I will have to keep you posted!
4 - Cook at home more - I did not cook more at home, but Joshua did.  He has been cooking up a storm lately, and we have eaten in a lot more the past few weeks!  So delicious!

5 - Plan accordingly - With studying and so much going on, we had to really coordinate our schedules.  I think we did this really well this month, and we still got a lot completed!

6 - Finish at least 1 book - That is all I finished!  lol  I was reading The Hundred Foot Journey and I finished it in the middle of the month.  It started off as a really well written book, but by the time I finished the book, I felt like the story I wanted to read ended about 100 pages back.  Even still, I did complete this goal!  

See??  I totally conquered this month!  lol  I really want to do the same goals again for this month, but I guess I need to switch up April a little!

April Goals

1 - Find an ABRM position (work)
2 - Install new floors in the house
3 - Plant a garden
4 - Organize the closet and work on the "storage room"
5 - Come up with good content this month
6 - Finish at least one more book

What are your April goals? 
Like I said, let me know!


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