Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Year, New Goals

Happy Tuesday friends!  

I hope you all are having a great first full week of classes!  Josh and I have been on a wild ride the past two weeks.  You are my friends, so I feel like I owe you a little bit of an explanation.  I have been holding out on you.  Two weeks ago, Josh and I were in a wreck.  It wasn't serious, but the airbags did deploy and the battery fried the computer.  I ended up bruising two ribs, and I had some burns on my arms from the airbags.  Also a nasty bruise where my seatbelt got me.  A couple hours after the wreck, I fell off my ottoman while trying to light my candles.  From that I had a serious bruise on my butt, and I think I hurt my tailbone.  Needless to say, the truck was totaled, and we were seriously bruised and upset.  In the weeks since, we have recovered, so don't worry about us friends.

Since the wreck, Josh and I have been doing a lot of talking about all sorts of things.  I have told y'all my plan to lose weight through Zumba, and believe it or not, it is working!  I actually lost five pounds last week!!  I went to Zumba all three times last week, and I already and feeling the burn from this weeks sessions!  I have also discovered my favorite sweet treat!!  Yoplait 100 Calorie Greek Yogurt.  Yep.  I absolutely love it!  It is so much more creamy than Chobani, and I just love it!  I have also been eating my salads religiously, and drinking so much water!  Eventually the inches will start melting away!  Just keep your fingers crossed!

Another goal this school year is to get organized!  I am a messy person.  Seriously.  I am the person who cannot keep up with anything!!  That is problematic when exams roll around, and I cannot find all my notes.  This year though, I am labeling!  A lot.  And I am keeping a very tight watch on where I put my notes.  The key to graduation is organization and good grades!!  I want both!!  I am also ready to seriously clean the whole apartment!  That sounds simple right?  But it is not!!  I have all my stuff, all my roommate's stuff, and Josh keeps all of his stuff here too!!!  I have too much stuff and not enough room, and this does not even count the things in my truck!  Yes, I said it.  In my truck!  Maybe labeling my school work is a good start though.  Eventually I will be able to clean up my home!  My incentive is to show you all my NCSU Football decor!  Good incentive right?

My third goal?  Be a better at doing things I enjoy.  It is important that you keep things you like to do in your life, especially when you are sharing it with another human being.  I love Joshua.  He means the world to me.  But I cannot love him the way he needs me to if I don't love myself first.  Part of that is being happy, and the only person who make you happy is you.  You have to retain what you love, and bring it together with the person you love.  Josh thinks that I am beautiful and sexy just the way I am, but he knows I am not happy with me.  That is why we are losing weight together.  I make useless decorations all the time.  Josh knows I am amazing at it, but he still makes a point of telling me every time I create something new.  This is important.  He is my biggest fan, and I am his.  That is a really special bond!!  I couldn't imagine not having his support, so for both of us, I have to be better at doing things I enjoy!  On that note, Josh actually reads my blog so with his birthday coming up, I can't post what I am currently crafting.  I can sneak you a peek though, and keep him guessing until the 5th!  

With the start of the new school year, what are your new goals?  Like I said, let me know!


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  1. Thank you Ashleigh! You are going to do great too!! I think eating better is the hardest, especially with pumpkin spice season around the corner!!!


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